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We are currently offering our pure, wildcrafted,
Rose Otto Essential Oil (therapeutic-grade)
and our
Rose Otto Distillate Hydrosol (certified organic)
and our
Our BEST SELLING: Rose Damascena Anointing Oil (Wildcrafted)
(Current Discount on just 1 or more! )


Rose oil is beneficial during times of stress.
Rose Otto essential oil helps to relieve nervous tension,
stress and menstrual symptoms.

The smallest amount topically, or inhalation,
of our high quality Rose Otto oil will Enliven:

* Overall Sense of Well-BEing *
* Romance *
* Auras *
* Chakras *
* Love *
* Sensuality *
* Happiness *

100% pure Rose oil can also enhance inner vision,
relationships and meditation and assist with skin care,
easing grief, encouraging contentment,dissipating guilt, liver detoxing,
opening the heart and balancing the female reproduction system.

Rose Otto can also ease menstrual tension, depression,
symptoms of menopause and bring harmony,
comfort, calmness, patience and joy.
This oil nurtures the connection between our physical bodies and
our spiritual selves.
Pure Rose Otto carries the highest frequency of any essential oil.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil:
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Rose Hydrosol, certified organic

Organic Rose Hydrosol - qty?

Available in 2 oz. Cobalt glass, spray bottle (TSA approved size) ($18.50)

Our Rose Otto, Rosa damascena,Distillate Hydrosol is Certified Organic, and steam distilled,from the flower in the country of Bulgaria. This hydrosol is the pure, natural, 100% non-alcohol distillate that is produced during the distillation process that also extracts the essential oil.
This is the REAL deal!
Not to be confused with the lesser quality "rose floral waters"

We are now offering an exquisite Rose Damascena (Wildcrafted) (Bulgaria)
Anointing Oil
(in jojoba oil base)

We are unable to ship any orders until Feb 1st! We are out of the country.
We carry this in one size, approx. 5 ml. roller bottle.
Current Discount on just 1 or more!

Wildcrafted Rosa damascena Anointing Oil - qty?