the ROSE Frequency is alive and well in each of us!

the Science

The science behind the ROSE Frequency.
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What is "the ROSE Frequency"?

"For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with roses...the visual...the olfactory...the touch...and everything else! Over the years, as I became more involved with essential oils, my fascination made more sense and has even been backed-up with science. My own Journey has shown me the awesome power of "the ROSE Frequency".

As much as the ROSE Frequency can be explained by science it is even more deeply felt by the Heart.

Please InJOY all that is presented here. This site was designed by me while holding the ROSE Frequency."

Blessings of LOVE,

A State of BEing

the ROSE Frequency is as much about a state of mind, as a state of being. It is a choice we make, but one that needs to be made consciously.

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